Mint Juleps...

In the finest tradition of the South, a tasty way to drink iced bourbon...

Mint Leaves
teaspoon of powdered sugar per cup
3 jiggers of good Kentucky bourbon per cup
A drop of angostura bitters per cup
1 cup crushed ice per cup

Mint juleps are traditionally served inside silver cups or tall glasses.  Run crushed mint leaves inside each container.  Place teaspoon of powdered sugar in the cup with jigger of good Kentucky bourbon and add a drop of angostura bitters.  Stir until the ice is dissolved.  Add about 1/3 cup of crushed ice and stir until the sides of the cup frost up.  Repeat the process several times until 2 - 3 jiggers of bourbon have been integrated into the cup.  To p with a mint sprig tall enough to tickle the nose.  Serve with nice linen napkins, fine friends, and a good story.

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