Red Cabbage with Apple and Bacon

Tangy, colorful, and filling...


While visiting in England, I watched my friend Chris Bell prepare this marvelous dish.  She passed the recipe along before I left her charming home.


Wash the head of cabbage under cold running water, remove the tough outer leaves, and cut the cabbage into quarters.  Shred the cabbage by cutting out the core and slicing the quarters crosswise into 1/8"-wide strips.  Turn the strips sideways and chop the shreds into 1/2"-long bits.

Put the cabbage in a large pot.  Sprinkle with vinegar, sugar and salt.

Cut the rashers of bacon into 1" pieces.  In a large skillet, cook the bacon; remove from the skillet - BUT DON'T TOSS THE BACON FAT OUT!  Add the chopped apple and onion to the skillet and, stirring frequently, cook until the apples are lightly browned.  Combine the apples and onion (and the remaining bacon fat.... mmmmm) to the cabbage.  Toss in the bacon pieces, cloves, and bay leaf.  Add a cup of water and the dry red wine.  Cover with a well-fitting lid and simmer several hours on low heat, stirring occasionally for the pure pleasure of smelling the fine aroma coming from the pot.

Serve with pork chops and a thick slice of black bread.

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