Challenge of the Phoenix
Lyrics and music by Brenda Sutton

We all remember where we were when we heard the news -- the Challenger exploded.  Unthinkable.  Impossible.  Unforgetable.

D Dm7 Am Em / C G D Dm7//
G C G D / G C D / G D Dm7

Young ones dreamed in their cosmic scheme,
Challenger would help the race
From its berth on the edge of earth
Into space.
Rushing strides filled our hearts with pride,
But babes must crawl, then walk, then run,
And a fall now reminds us all
We've just begun.

We tied our dreams on a firebird's wings,
Tossed it into sky so clear,
Watched it fly, then we watched it die --
Time for tears.

Those who dare try to mount the air
On a phoenix's crimson wings
Measure gains and then count the pains
Flight may bring.
Time has passed since the fiery blast
Crushed our hopes and made us grieve.
Tears have dried, but the ache inside
Never leaves.

Challenger, golden phoenix,
Left the world in smoke and flame.
From the ashes, another rises