On the Horns of a Dilemma
Music by Chris O'Shea and Brenda Sutton
Lyrics by Brenda Sutton

I got into some hot water over the lyrics of this song.  I wrote Mama's Hands for my mother and my daughters, and recorded it on my first tape, Strangers No More, along with On the Horns of a Dilemma.  I gifted a copy of the tape to my daughters, and they played it all the time.

During custody battles for my five children, my ex-husband submitted the confiscated tape as evidence against me, citing that the lyrics of On the Horns of a Dilemma were inappropriate for young children.  The judge listened to the tape on his lunch hour and agreed with my ex, lecturing me to be more careful about the music I allowed my children to hear.  He then complimented me on Mama's Hands, and ruled in my favor.  Now there's Nanny Nanny Boo Boo for you!

Intro: Dm C G C Dm Am E Am
Verse: Am E Am Am-B C G C/ Dm Am E Am//
Chorus: Dm C G / Dm Am E Am
Break: Dm Bm C Am7-B Am/ Dm Bm C Am7-B Am9 Am7-B Am9

Sparking hooves, down the path we fly,
Surging power between my thighs,
Rapiered horn  that would ne'er harm me.
Phantasmal equine of purity.

Dearest companion, faithful friend,
We'll share a bond until time's end.

Ardent mortal desires me,
Promises passion eternally,
Steals my breath with his strong embrace,
Deftly pursues me in love's swift chase.


I in the middle now am torn.
Human delight or unicorn? Unicorn...

I surrender my maidenhead
Taking the lover into my bed.
Passion spent, he is then transformed
Into my love of the golden horn.