Temporary Tango
By Brenda Sutton
© 1991

I spent a good deal of my time before becoming a web mistress working temporary assignments.  This song is a product of some of the more mind-numbing experiences I had as a temp.

Em---/Am, Em--/Am-, A7-/Am, B7, A7, B7//
Am- A7-/ D- Bm/Am-A7-/B7--A7

Tedium--I am a victim of tedium.
This job of mine is truly trés humdrim,
And when I'm done
I go home, I eat, I sleep, and then it all repeats (with)

Monotony--I should have gotten a lobotomy.
A ripe tomato's what I ought to be,
Not degreed!
For this I studied Plato?  I feel like a potato!

Repitition is hypnotic.  My synapses are so automatic.
I'd be better off were I robotic.
I tried some meditation...it soon became sedation.

Slavery--I thought they'd done away with slavery.
They get much more than what they paid for me.
Set me free!
I'm sinking in depression with this goddamn recession.

Fantasy--my mind is wandering in fantasy.
All this excitement's overcoming me.
No, the work is not hard...you just need a donor card.

Thank God that it's temporary, or I know I'd commit hari-kari.
It's not bad, it's just so ordinary.
I'm really a musician...How'd I get to this position?

Laudinum--I could do all my work on laudinum.
I do the same damn thing ad nauseum
Without pauseum.
Alas!  It's the Temporary Tango!