Aaron Daniel Craven

My youngest son, Aaron, is the ringleader of a fine fellowship of young men.  Ten or so of them regularly congregated in the pub in the basement of our house, playing D&D (usually on Aaron's world) and raiding the fridge.  They all travel far and wide to LARP (live action role playing) in Solar, where Aaron and his wife Stephanie run the storyline of an immense fantasy world. When he is able to actually play, Aaron is a baron in one LARP, a a terrible undead creature with only half a face in something called Everhate. (I hope to have a photo of him in his Everhate makeup soon.  It's awesome!)

He is a junior attending Kennesaw State University where he majors in Education with an emphasis in History.

Aaron in a man of few words, (unless he's DMing) but he's wise beyond his years.  Standing over six feet tall, he's handy for a shorty like me to have around the house. ("Come be a tall person for me...")  He loves to sing and plays the trumpet very well.  He hates mushrooms and chunks of onions, and occasionally suffers from migraine headaches.  He's a Scorpio, so don't make promises you can't keep.


Aaron, Stephanie and Jackson Craven, Christmas 2007

Aaron married lovely woman named Stephanie Rhuel on June 10, 2006 in a creative and artistic wedding designed around the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are the proud parents of Jackson Craven.