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September 2003

Well, we're still working on the CD.  Unfortunately, our engineer was in a horrendous biking accident.  Greg Robert was riding his bicycle when someone stepped out in front of him.  He veered out of the way and went flying end-over-kettle.  Two broken bones and 47 stitches later, and we are nothing if not supportive whilst he heals up.

We're still anticipating a release date of January 21. 2004.  And, one other change.... our cover art is now being created by Erin McKee, a fantastic Canadian artist.  We're really excited about it, and can't wait to see what she come up with for our concept, Hair of the Frog.

We probably won't get to record the Lackey/Fish song F.A.P.  It's a fantastic song, but the hurdles involved are just more than we can accomplish.  Shame.  A real shame.

We've had a great couple of months though, playing at Turning Toward the Sun, and Autumnfest and Atlanta Pagan Pride Day.

June 2003

We're back in the recording studio working on the second CD tentatively called Hair of the Frog (or HotF for short).  We've got seven tracks laid down that include Mama's Hands, Orbiting Jupiter, Falling for Lancelot, Hymn, Ordinary Love, Like Their Feet Have Wings, and Pointy-haired Boss.  Other songs we're working on are F.A.P., What Granny Taught Me, Discovery, My Karma Broke Down, Annabella, Ordinary Life, and a few others.  It's sounding real good so far.  We're hoping to have it ready for release in September/October.  Pray for us!

November 2002

Wow! Are we floored!  Brenda won a Pegasus Award for Best Spine-chilling Song, In a Gown Too Blue, and the entire band won the Pegasus as Best Performer(s).  And THEN we put a private concert into the Interfilk auction that earned combined bids of $800!  That's the largest item ever sold at an Interfilk auction.  The concert itself was a real gas, with the two bidding sides deciding on the set list, and the Sisters singing on the fly.  What a whirlwind!  What a great time!  What an honor!  THANKS!

October 2002

The Sisters are traveling to OVFF in Columbus, Ohio where they are individually and collectively nominated for Pegasus Awards in five categories.  Weird Power!

Watch for Gwen Knighton's release of her first solo CD at the end of the month.  Box of Fairies is a delightful offering from Bedlam House that showcases Gwen and her harps.

August 2002

We played a split gig with the Border Collies at the Red Light Cafe and then Brenda flew off to England for a week, returning with Ghod's Own Bodhrán (a wonderful birthday gift from the Sisters!)  Gwen has a new song, Falling for Lancelot, that we're working on.  Life is good!

July 2002

We're back on track with regular rehearsals once again, readying new material for the forthcoming CD, Hair of the Frog.  TWS is hoping to get back in the recording studio this fall.  Gwen got bitten by the Songwriting Muse, and is generating a new composition or two every week.  We're loving her most recent songs, Hymn, Ordinary Love, and Free Fall.  Brenda's even penned a new ditty, Pointy-haired Boss, and the air cooks with our cover of the Cheryl Wheeler/Janis Ian song, Orbiting Jupiter.

Once again, it was Standing-Room-Only at the Phoenix and Dragon for the Sisters Summer Concert.  We also really enjoyed our afternoon performance at the first North Georgia Celtic Festival sponsored by our good friends, Emerald Rose.  They did a fantastic job organizing the festival, and we hope this gets to be a regular event.

Oh, and the nominations for the Pegasus Awards are in.  Three Weird Sisters did very well with a nomination for Gwen's Song of Fey Cross in the category of Best Song that Tells a Story, for Brenda's In a Gown Too Blue in the Best Spine-chilling Song category, and for the band itself in the Best Performer category.  We're thrilled, to say the least!

June 2002

While strolling though Supercom (a communications trade show in Atlanta) with Bill Sutton and Rob Wynne, the Bedlam House Boys, Brenda was introduced to a Weirdo* colleague of Rob's named Pam Bishop.  Pam's been a fan of the Sisters and reported that Rite the First Time is played every day at naptime at the Kindercare Preschool on MacFarland Road.  The music is so pleasant and relaxing, that it lulls all the babies into Lullaby Land.  Indeed, the CD was Pam's music of choice in the labor and delivery room during the birth of her child.  We're pleased and flattered no end!  Thanks, Pam!

*Three Weird Sisters fans have taken to calling themselves Weirdos.  It's beyond our explanation.  We don't find it weird at all that they like our music.  We're keen on it ourselves.

May 2002

The three songs up on are Little Boy Blue, Song of Fey Cross and Pity Party.   

Little Boy Blue made it to #76 on the Top 100 World Folk list for and is featured for the week of May 13th as the first song on the top of their Featured list in Folk.


November 2001

We all had a great time at OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Festival),  Everybody was wonderful to us and the concert was a heck of a lot of fun.  We also had the distinct pleasure of serenading Terrance Chua (the sweetest, cutest, and most humorous magistrate in Singapore!), and rubbed shoulders with some incredibly talented folks.  

The biggest news is that our very own Brenda Sinclair Sutton was awarded the prestigious Pegasus Award in the category of Best Filk Song for her tune "Strangers No More!"  Now, those who know Brenda realize that she has been involved in the filk community since Gwen and Teresa were in diapers (just kidding...well, since they were in grade school, anyway! *wink*).  This Pegasus award is a huge compliment and acknowledgment to her dedication and talent.  Way to go, Brenda!

   We still have some of T-shirts!  Supply is dwindling, though.

   Venessa Austin Price Sylvester, the wonderful artist who created the artwork on Rite the First Time, has her own website!  Please check it out and give her your support!

    Our debut CD, entitled "Rite the First Time," is available online through and! CDBaby even lets you preview four of the songs:  Spring Strathspey, Rite of Passage , Boys Want Sex in the Morning and Dumb Dumb Dorothy.

     As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome, and you can direct those to our webmistress .

    Things are rockin' with the ...stay tuned!