FilkContinental Quilt


I've worked in fabric arts most of my life.  Mom taught me darning with a light bulb in a holey stocking when I was 5 years old, moved me up to simple embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and finally set me in front of her old Singer sewing machine when I was 12 years old.  I love the creation process with colors and textures and fibers and fun.

Currently, I'm enthralled with bobbin lace making and quilting.

GAFilk Quilt

Margaret Middleton was inspired by all the fabric artists she saw sitting in the filk concerts working on a wide variety of projects.  She corralled us all together and got us working on a single quilting project the year she was guest of honor at GAFilk.  This year will be the third quilt in a row, with monies raised in a raffle going to Interfilk.

WorlDream Quilt

The WorlDream Quilt project (another of Margaret's inspirations) allowed me the chance to add a border to the quilt for my good friends at Conthirteena.  And now, I've volunteered to coordinate another border in the same quilt for the folks at FilkContinental. This is a European filk convention that takes place in a castle in Germany, so I've taken the castle theme.  At least 4 intrepid fabric artists in Germany have agreed to participate and will send me 3 " squares of decorated fabric that I'll work into the "windows" of the castle motif.

Click here for a page of photos and directions for the FilkContinental quilt border participants.