Wednesday April 3, 2002
Fun in Michigan with the Dorsai - Lots of pictures!

  Bill and I headed "way up North" to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend our first Dorsai Thing.  For those who may be unfamiliar with the world of science fiction, the Dorsai Irregulars (or D.I.) are members of  a mercenary service organization named for the people who populated the creative worlds of legendary sf author Gordon R. Dickson.  For a price (often donations to charity or just the cost of staff attendance) the Dorsai will work security, mind huckster rooms and art shows, perform crowd control, and such.  Very many of the D.I .are gentle folks but, all the same, folks one wouldn't want to get riled up, if ya' know what I mean.

Competent concom members for other conventions in their spare time, these D.I.  Since they are always working one con or another, once a year they throw a relaxacon just for themselves.  But this isn't just any ol' relaxacon.  Dorsai Thing is an By Invitation Only con.  Not everyone who attends are D.I .  They sometimes invite Dorsai "folk" to come on over and have some fun.  Just because you're nominated to come one year, doesn't mean you'll automatically be nominated to come the next, so those who are lucky enough to get an invitation are usually on their best behavior.

  The food and drink is plentiful, the company is fine, and they sure do appreciate good music.

  The Dorsai always have a themed banquet, and this year's attendees came dressed as either their opposite or their alter ego.

Steve Simmons as Mr. Rodgers (he shaved!) Michael Longcor dressed as Aragorn for his part in the
Ten Minute Lord of the Rings sketch. 
A couple of horny lil' devils... Mark Bernstein and some scruffy guy dressed as Indiana Jones.
Stevie Mac... usual pose ;-) Elizabeth and her Owwie! (While finishing her costume, she accidentally sewed her finger.  I mean... SEWED  her finger!)

Gretchen Roper as "The Queen"

Bill Roper as Professor Harold Hill
Doc Passavoy in stitches Intimidating.... no?
Passle of Passavoys.... back.... ...and front!
What good Girl Scouts want to grow up to be.... Marty Fabish! The 10 Minute Lord of the Ring
Aragorn... "They fixed my SWORD!" Brenda (Super Orc) slaying Stevie (Boromir) with banana.
What a cast!

What a mess!

What a whole lot of fun!

Next year's banquet celebrates the
100th Anniversary of Heavier Than Air Flight.... 

I can't wait!

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