Wherein Brenda keeps you up to date on her exciting life in April of the year of Our Lord and Lady 2001.
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April 21 - circle work, GAFilk, Women's mysteries, off we go!
April 20 - Grandpa Lyon died
April 19 - Robert's birthday blues
April 16 - work and gardening
April 14 & 15 - Walls, weeds, wakes, and winged pigs
April 16 - Basil and rue
Saturday, April 21, 2001

We met Bear out at the property early early early and got another 35 landscaping bricks to finish the circle.  The dump truck arrived with 9 cubic yards of dirt and we started shoveling it into wheelbarrows and dispersing it around the leveling stakes.  We probably need another 3 - 4 yards of dirt before it will really be level.  My back will probably be giving me fits for a while.

Then it was off to the GAFilk meeting at the new hotel.  We tested the breakfast buffet and it got an A.  Contracts are all signed with addendums in place to cover all those gray areas that distinguish sf filk conventions from other types of conventions.  Late check out, late functions space usage, last minute notice on banquet attendees... stuff like that there.

Then Bill and I went shopping.  We NEVER go shopping.  Filters for the vacuum, jeans and tennis shoes for Bill, negligee for Wendy's wedding shower, books, watch band.... stuff.  Then blasting home, cleaning up, packing suitcases, and greeting folks who are showing up at our house for the monthly  house filk.  I wish I could stay, but we've had to divide the duties.  Bill stays to host the filk and  I'm off to Lady D's for the "Women's Mysteries".  Sounds so mysterious, right?  Well, I suppose it was.  The wedding shower combined a stunned bride-to-be with a (ahem) "toys" party, and the construction of the new Jolly Green Giant that will top our May Pole.  Paper maché is fun but soooo messy.  Lady D had a surprise present for me.... jammies and footies with flying piggies.  And I had a surprise present for her... I'd gone through 10 bags of Easter jelly beans to collect all the black licorice-flavored ones, her favorites.  I added one white jelly bean for a yin yan effect.

I really wished I could hang around longer but I had to dash off at 10:00 to head for the airport.  The Park N Fly shuttle driver must have thought I was a loony, throwing my gear onboard and half there remembering my cell phone.  Turrrrrnnnn around and head back to find it under the seat.... of the shuttle!  Then picking up one more passenger.... Bill!  What serendipity!  The flight was the usual uneventful, uncomfortable, cattle car experience.  Driving though the Dallas sprawl was a new one for Bill, who thought he knew his way around that city but had to fight with the tiny freeway entrance signs.  We finally found the hotel and were in bed by 2 a.m.   What a day!

Friday, April 20, 2001

I got the anticipated e-mail message from Grandma Lyon.  Grandpa died late last night.  Louis Lyon was the happiest man on the planet for the past 88 years, though the last year or so have been difficult for him.  He couldn't hear very well or get around the way he used to.  He's been the provider all his life, and it's just not been easy letting other provide for him.  But through it all, Grandpa kept his bright and happy spirit.  We're all going to miss his cheerful teasing.  We fly to Dallas on the Saturday night red eye.  The funeral is Monday.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Today would have been my son Robert's 24th birthday.  Always a difficult day for me.  Filled with memories of a beautiful child, a brilliant little whirlwind, a troubled teen, and finally a fine young man whose life ended far too soon because of an "accident."  I have to drive down the road where he died nearly every day.  I play out the scenario and, after four years, I still can't make sense of it.  How on that unobstructed intersection, where no one was driving faster than the prominently displayed speed sign, on a bright, sunny day, an attentive driver failed to see my 6' 2" tall son riding his bicycle.  I don't believe that all was as it was reported.  I know the drivers of Atlanta.  They change a tire at 50 mph.  No one drives the speed limit.  Every time I get in a car, I can lay down money that I'll see more than one red light run.  And when you add the distraction of cellular phones... well now, there's the making of a "accident."

Monday, April 16, 2001 

Work, as usual.  Learned that my last day of telecommuting will be June 15th.  Sigh.  I'm NOT looking forward to ending this period of working from home.  I've really loved it.  It's allowed me to save a whole day in drive time.  A whole day!  Now I have to figure out how to get my big old desk down a narrow flight of stairs.

Enough daylight left at the end of the day to spend a little time in my own garden.  (That's a rare occurrence, I tell you...)  I potted my catmint plants so they don't spread and take over the front bed. And I read in my gardening magazine that you shouldn't plant basil in the same bed with rue.  Most of the rue plant (if not all) is poisonous, and no friend to basil.  So, though my basil lived long enough to go to seed, it didn't thrive.  I dug up all the runners and moved them to pots, too.  We'll see how they do.  There was enough to harvest some for tonight, so I think I'll make spaghetti with meat sauce.  Bill's watching Galaxy Quest, and I'm going to make an early night of it, settle in a finish the Interfilk Quilt so I can get it in the mail tomorrow (hope hope.) Back to the top

Saturday and Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2001 

Saturday - Down at the Oak Spring property digging the trench that will complete the north western edge of our circle space.  I weeded the flower bed in front of the house.  The weeds were so high you couldn't see the pretty Paper Whites blooming there.  We spent a long time tracking down the delivery truck with the pallet of bricks that was supposed to be there in the morning... it didn't arrive until 3pm!  Grrrrrr.

We booked back up home to shower, change, throw our instruments in the back of the van, and burn rubber to get to the memorial service for our friend Robert.  Gwen's harp music was perfect. The Sisters sang Somewhere Along the Road.  Lady D lead the service, which was dignified and comforting.  It was very hard to finally meet Robert's identical twin... like seeing Robert walking at his own funeral.  But they are very different men.  Bill and I did our version of Wayfaring Stranger and led the group in Amazing Grace, a song I have absolutely no qualms singing as a Wiccan.  These songs were among my favorites, but I've had to sing them as so many funerals, that I find I can't sing them elsewhere.  The memories are too strong.

After the reception, we were instructed to stop by to see some dear friends.  They had seen something in a catalog and just had to get it for us.  Some times it's just perfect, and this was one of those time.  A wrought iron stand holding a collection of four plates, each decorated with a different flying pig in it's seasonal setting and topped by a fifth painted iron winged piggy.   One pig for each season, each quarter, and the pig of Spirit uniting them all together.  Wonderful!  Just wonderful!  We are such lucky people to have such great crazy friends.

Came home and made Tarragon Tuna Casserole, one of my comfort foods.

Sunday - Magical Theory Retrads Class and an opportunity to spend time with Lady D.  She is such a special person in my life.  I keep hoping some of her grace and maturity and beauty will sink in my thick self.  She's a walking treasure.

Elder Council Meeting lasted until nearly 10 pm but we got a lot done. Back to the top