Thursday, June 6, 2002
Kids, cars, credit cards, and web sites and stuff....
 I finished my CIW Webmaster Certification course.  Learned a bunch and, along the way, got the opportunity to try the new stuff out on a couple of web sites.  The website needed updating, and I volunteered to give it a housecleaning (and  a new paint job).  Then Rob Wynne offered me the site to build from the ground up.  I've enjoyed working on both sites, and now I'm polishing up my own web site a bit.

My middle daughter Meri graduated Suma Cum Laude in Education from Southern Utah University in May, so Bill and I met my mother and brother in Cedar City for the ceremony.  We are all so proud of Meri, we could almost burst!  She kept her scholarship all four years, which required maintaining a 3.9 GPA.  She's the first child and grandchild on all sides of the family to graduate from college.  Now she's spending the summer doing her student teaching in northern Utah.


Here she is all decked out in her cap and gown and ribbons and medals and cords.  Gorgeous, as always.

Some lucky fourth-grade boys get Miss Craven as their first teacher crush.  My teachers never looked like this!

Bethany, the youngest daughter, spent a couple of weeks in Europe touring with the Emory Chamber Choir in Germany, Poland, and thereabouts.  Then one of her pals and she palled around France, Belgium, and England for a bit.  I'm so looking forward to the Yorkshire tea she's bringing me back.

It must have been an exciting trip, to be sure.  Beth managed to not only lose her banc card, but also the American Express credit card I gave her to forestall emergencies.  Ah well.  Youth!

Three Weird Sisters are over for a rehearsal tonight.  A little backup recording may get done on Terrance's CD while they're here.  Oh, and speaking of backup recording, I'm filling in with a little bodhran for a group called The Border Collies on their new CD, The Road to Swannaona.  I'm off to make Italian sausage frittata now for dinner.  Bill and I are doing The Zone diet, so we're all into balancing our proteins with our carbs and our fats.  Doen't that just sound appetizing?  The concept... no, but the frittata..... yummm!



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