Margaret Middleton's Coffee Cup Cobblers

"My mom got us a set of ironstone plates, etc., as our starter set 'way back when we first got married.  Ironstone is oven-safe, and the "standard" coffee cups (which we never use for coffee drinking, which is why we've got a lot of them left) are just the right size for individual cobblers."

Pre-heat your oven to 400ºF.  This entree will take 5 minutes of preparation time, and will cook for 25 minutes.


1 package Bisquick®
Canned fruit of your choice (retain the juice)

Fill cups about 2/3 full of fruit, to allow headroom for the crust. 

If using fresh or fresh-canned fruit you'll need to make a thickened juice to pour over them. I use 1cup water / juice from the fruit can + 1 cup sugar + 1 Tbsp cornstarch for about every 3 cobblers. In a small pan, stir the sugar and cornstarch together dry; add liquid and stir while heating until it thickens. Then pour it over the fruit in the cups. 

For crust, I use: 1 cup Bisquick® + 1 Tbsp sugar + milk to make a soft dough makes enough for 3 cobblers (plus a bit to nibble on). The dough should be too soft to handle with your fingers; just drop it by spoonfuls onto the cobblers -  2 or 3 globs each. 

Set cups on a cookie sheet and bake 25 min; check crust done-ness with a toothpick and put them back another couple of minutes if needed. (It is real easy to have the crust still be gooey down where it touches the fruit filling.) 

You can also make a pie crust dough and cut it in decorative shapes that fit inside the cup. 

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