Bionic Priestess
By Brenda Sutton
May 2004

This year, my friend Jodi Monogue unexpectedly collapsed.  The diagnosis turned out to be liver failure.  Though only a moderate drinker, Jodi's liver just doesn't process alcohol at all, so she's been slowly poisoning herself.  Fate played some nasty games with Jodi, catching her between jobs and without insurance.  Things went from bad to bleak when we learned that it would take a deposit of $50,000 just to get her on the evaluation list for a liver transplant.  The operation itself will cost over $300,000!  And  then she'll need between $1000 to $3000 worth of drugs every month for the rest of her life.

This woman is an amazing person.  Though only 45 years old, she's one of the most adept scholars and teachers I've ever known, and I consider her to be my Spiritual Elder.  She deserves blessing and bright days, not this.  So the Pagan community is working to raise the money she's going to need.  We've had concerts, auctions, and other fundraisers, and this song was written for one of those events.

Bright Note: There has been a recent turn of events. Emory University has reduced the amount she will need for the evaluation from $50,000 to $20,000.  We've earned $11,000 so it's do-able!  For more details, go to The Bionic Priestess Project.

D A E / A E / D E / A E
D B7 / A D E / A (A7)

Listen to Jodi laugh - ha, ha, ha!
And sing and dance and teach us,
Leading lightly down the path
To love and life within our reaches.
Listen to Jodi laugh - ha, ha, ha!
Listen to Jodi laugh - ha, ha, ha!
Listen to Jodi laugh - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Our Bionic Priestess


A E / D A E / A E / D A E /
Em / D A / G / D E

A puff of smoke, a cloud of hair,
Wisdom behind those glasses,
The trainer and the tamer fair
For Unicorny - Oaky masses,
Mother to the lost and needy,
Counselor in grief,
Old beyond her youthful ages,
Young beyond belief.

She takes your hand, she sits you down,
There's something she must tell you,
And if you're smart you'll listen now.
Her wish is to compel you
To live as she does every day
With understanding grace
You, too, can stand before the gods
And look them in the face.

Just because you're wonderful
Don't mean that life ain't tough.
You think you're strong - here comes the test -
But, hey, this time enough's enough!
She's given everything she's got
To help us on our way.
So now's the time to pay her back
And give her years to play!
(So we continue to...)