Charlie XTune by Brenda Sutton
Lyrics by Kathy Mar


Charlie tried to be polite,
But Charlie couldn't control his fear,
Nor yet distinguish wrong from right,
Nor laughter for fun from a jeer.
But we who had to share this ship
With such a demon in shape of man
Are glad to see him end his trip
Right back where he first began.

Charlie's gone where there is no touch,
And none of the crew will miss him much.
Charlie's gone to where he was grown --
Living with others, yet always alone.

Charlie reached for someone's love
(He never learned you must not use force)
And underneath his velvet gloves
Were talons of steel, of course.
And lashing out at all the crew
Until his Keepers had stopped his game,
He never learned the things to do
To merit the human name.


Charlie went back home today.
We were not sorry to see him go.
The magic tricks he chose to play
Made quite a remarkable show.
Now he's gone to a land of ghosts
With no one reaching for him at all.
He hurt his friends and killed his hosts.
Now no one will come at his call.