Lyrics by Kathy Mar and Brenda Sutton
Music by Brenda Sutton

I have never found anyone to sing this duet with me....


Em G D C Em / G D C G D / Em G D Em / G D C D Em
G D G / C G D / C G D / C G

I will wrap myself in death for you 
To earn your touch upon my face
I felt life slipping away
For we have shared, as time has passed
A friendship wrapped in grace
I'd not live to end the day
And the years have not been kind to me
As you have been before
I'd become all I abhorred
But I'd do it all again Bitter, jealous, spiteful
And so much more
Death would end my inner war.
My companion, a gift cast from the sky
My companion, I could not let you die
My companion, I watch your eyes say,
"I love my companion!"
When you needed friends of your own kind
I called them to you from the sky
I knew I was soon to die
I dressed myself in human flesh
To gaze into your eyes
There was nothing left to try
Now the sweet and bitter frost of death
Has colored all I see
I'd sought love so desperately
But it's worth the loss Searching finding nothing
If you're still here with me.
And he spurned all that I need.
As we start this brand new life as one
I only hope and I dearly pray
Then we mingled -- life was saved!
That all we've learned in these last hours
Will bring with each new day
There is life and love this way!
All the tenderness and love two hearts
Can share when they are wise
Second chance is my surprise
I believe in us Lover, let me love you!
When I look in your eyes.