Draw Down the Moon
by Brenda Sutton
March, 1989
Rose Moon Mandala used with permission of Komra Moriko

Am E Am Esus E/ F Am Em E/Am E Am G E/ Am Em Am Em/Am Em G Am Em Am

Am Em Am Em/G Am Em/Am Em Am G/Em G E G/Am Em Am E/G F G/Am Em Am F/Am G F Em Am

The full moon rises in the sky
And sheds its light upon the path
That takes us far from worldly eyes.
Yes, we will be there soon.
See in the distance, welcoming,
There stands a woman and a man
Who bid us join their fairy ring and
Draw down, draw down,
Draw down the moon.

With Fire and Water, Earth and Air,
Now we step the circle fair.
Water and Fire, Air and Earth,
Of love and live and death and birth.
Air and Earth, Fire and Water,
The Old Ones watch us lest we falter.
Earth, Air, Water and Fire,
Let wisdom rule our heart's desire.

In circles from the dawn of time,
The Ancients on the moor and heath
All gathered, being of one mind,
To beg the Gods a boon.
With candles burning fragrant embers,
Brilliant as our strong belief,
All listen while the Lord Remembered
Draws down, draws down,
Draws down the moon.

In mantle of another college,
The Lady turns and speaks to all,
Reminds us of our inborn knowledge
Often lost too soon.
"Seek me and you will not find me
If on empty hearts this falls.
See me in yourself before you
Draw down, draw down,
Draw down the moon.

Feed belly as you feed the mind
With honeyed cake and honeyed kiss,
Then sip ambrosiad wine, dance gaily,
Sing a rousing tune.
We bid the Quartered Gods adieu,
The circle opened, all dismissed,
But monthly we shall all renew and
Draw down, draw down,
Draw down the moon.