Music and lyrics by Brenda Sutton

Gael Baudino wrote a short story that was published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction called In The Shadow of the Starlight that inspired this song about transformation and magic.

D A D / D G D / D A D / G D G D
Am D A D / Am D A D / G D A G A / G D A G D

Yes, we share the Old Blood, my poor confused friend;
Me in my denim, you in your lace.
We're as alike as the raven and wren,
But, come, let us fly to a seldom seen place,
To Elvenhome, in deep wooded mountains,
To Elvenhome, with cool glades and fountains.
A place to dance in circles,
Arefuge without tears,
A resting place where you can forget
Your former human fears.

Sudden transition has filled you with dread
You're finding your stars, and the songs that they sing.
How best to explain the strange lights in your head?
The answer might come if I hurry and bring you to
Elvenhome, where wild hawks befriend you.
To Elvenhome, where we can defend you
From those who chain your spirit,
From those who rape your soul,
From those who'll never understand
That being Elven is being whole.

Am Em D / Am G D / Am Em D / G D
Am Em D / Am G D / Am Em D / G D / Em//

I've waited too long, the change came too fast.
The tyrant you're bound to has sprung his surprise.
Our stars tilt and tumble, our world's sliding past.
He's beating the glimmer light out of your eyes.
I hear your mind screaming; I answer your plea.
I reach for my stars, but my stars are nowhere.
My Elven friends gather, and when they saved me,
We're racing to find you to take you from there
To Elvenhome.

No light in your window. I jump from the car.
The hallway is silent. Your door is unlocked.
I search through the wreckage to find where you are.
Your body is broken. Your mind is in shock.
We carry you out. You are leaving for good,
But the Tormentor follows, and he has a gun.
He may know his weapon, but I know the wood.
A shot stings my shoulder!  I think he has won.
Help me Elvenhome!

He's aiming right at me when Hawk finds its mark.
The gun in its talons, it streaks through the air.
I search for my stars in the vast empty dark.
I find them and bind him with power undared
In Elvenhome.

D A D / D G D / D A D / G D G D
Am D A D / Am D A D / G D A G A / G D A G D

I came close to killing that worm of a man.
Instead, I decided on torture sublime;
Imprisoned his mind in the bleak starless span
Where he'd driven you with his hideous crime
While Elvenhome was healing your spirit,
While Elvenhome drew you ever near it.
An hour he spent in that hell space,
And when I released him, he cried.
I swore that if he should return to this place,
I'd send him back there and I'd leave him inside.

Then a friend who's been Elven much longer than I,
Cooled my hot rage by making me see
That by touching the Beast with the power I'd let fly,
I'd sparked his Old Blood.  He would soon be like me,
One of Elvenhome; a lost wandering brother
Needing Elvenhome. He too would discover
His own stars so special,
And their own haunting songs,
And somehow I knew he must not be alone.
Mine is the trial to help him along
To Elvenhome, Elvenhome.
To Elvenhome, Elvenhome