Communications Officer UhuraMusic and lyrics by Brenda Sutton

Uhura, the beautiful and gracious Communications Officer of the USS Enterprise was a role model for a lot of impressionable young women.  Her name in Swahili means Freedom...

Am / Am Em Am / Am / E / Am / Am / Am Em / Em / Am Em Am
Am / Em Am / - / Am Em Am (Em Am)

When I was just a young child,
I would stand out on the plains,
And listen in the darkness
While the stars called my name.
They said, "Freedom, come and find us."
They said, "Freedom, come and see.
There's a star song in your heart, child.
Set it free, set it free!"

Listening to stars makes you wander.
Listening to stars makes you roam.
Listening to stars puts your feet on a path
That will take you away from your home.

My father gave his blessing,
And my mother gave her tears.
My leaving caused them heartache,
But they never voiced their fears.
They said, "Girl, we named you Freedom,
And we knew there'd come a day
When the stars would call and you would
Fly away, far away.

I flew into the darkness
On a ship of steel and dreams,
And it took me off to places
That no one had ever seen.
Now I stand out on the view deck
When I know that I'm alone,
And I sing my song of a far away place,
Sing of home, I sing of home.

There are times now when I hunger
For the desert and the wind,
And the sound of Bantu music,
And a kinsman for a friend.
But I never regret my decision,
For the stars still sing to me. (They sing,)
"Woman, you walk with your head held up high.
You are Freedom. You are free!"