Happy Birthday, Pal O'Mine
Music and lyrics by Brenda Sutton

This was the very first song I wrote for my husband Bill.... way back before we were even an item....

Happy birthday, pal o'mine,
Oh, how the years have flown.
A blink ago, we were so young,
But now we creak and groan.
Remembering those good ol' days
That will not come again
Might drive us to depression's edge,
But lift your beer, my friend,
And toast to future happiness.
You're younger than you know.
Ignore the sneers of teeny tots;
In time they too will grow.
There's yet a laugh or two in us,
There's still a joke or three,
And you can revel in the thought....
That you're still younger than me.

(End with the traditional Happy Birthday Song...)