The sorceress brewing a potionLa Bruja
Music and lyrics by Brenda Sutton

Not all witches are Glenda...

Verse: Am  Em Am/ Em D Em / Am  Em Am/ F add 9 D F G Am
Chorus: Am F add 9 Am / Em F G D / Am / C D Em Am
Bridge: Am Em Am / D Em Am / C D / Am Em D-Em-Am

Passion turns the liquid red and sets my mixture boiling.
Indiscretion rides the frothy bubbles all a'roiling.
Here a healthy measure of unthinking adoration.
There the mercury of joy, the depths of desolation.

One drop in your wine -- you're mine.
One taste on you tongue -- magic's begun.
I'll pour and I'll smile, laughing all the while,
For one kiss and it's done -- I'll have won.

There is so much in me worthy of your true affection.
I've no beauty that would turn your eye in my direction,
But I know a conjure that would bind the strongest giant
To bring you crawling on your knees, amenable and pliant.


I was the moth on your bedroom window,
Whispering love in your sleep.
'Til I found someone else on your pillow.
Now it is your turn to weep!

Someday soon I'll tire of all your smothering attention,
And there is a quick releasing spell that I could mention.
Will I let you mend your life and go on to another?
Or shall I let you end your strife a suicidal lover?