A SMOF Too Blue
lyrics by Dave Weingart based on the song In a Gown Too Blue by Brenda Sutton
March 2001

A Part:

Am Em G G-Am
Am F C G-Am
F Am
G - Em-E
Am Em Am G
Am G Em-E Am

B Part:

F G Am
F C Am
F G Am
G E (G Em-E)

Dressed in a T-shirt and denim of blue
I'll do the things that the trufen all do.
Off to the con I go,
Dealers room and Art Show.
I'll have a wonderful time.
I find a party floor,
Get stickered at the door.
This con I know will be fine...
They're my kind.

I was the eager young neo..
I knew the path I would steer.
Who's working here in the consuite.
Oh wait, when did I volunteer?

I brought my books for the authors to sign,
And now I'm the gofer directing the fen here in line.
Now that I've worked the con
I'll help to put it on,
Work hard to make this one grow.
This weekend sure was fun.
Next month's another one,
And off to the next con I go.... Will you go?

All that the concom could teach me,
Everything I didn't know,
Now Ops is trying to reach me....
Pardon, but I have to go... have to go.

1400 were the members we'd get.
I worked at Reg and the room for the Net.
Still I see blundering.
Here I am wondering,
"When with the programs get here?"
There's a place I can see
On the concom for me.
I think I'll do it next year.... yes, next year.

We'll have to prop this door open.
The Masquerade's ending at ten.
The elevators are choking.
The staircase is locked once again.... once again...  once again!

Filkers and artists and gamers surround me.
Everything's falling to pieces around me!
Ribbons on badge have I,
No time to wonder why
Everything used to be clear...
It all used to be clear.
There's no escape somehow
I'm the con chairman now.
Get me the hell out of here.... out of here!