This Turn of the Wheel
by Brenda Sutton
September, 1986

Timing IS everything.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right.

Asus2-Am Em/Asus2-Am D Asus2-Am/ Asus2-Am Em Asus2-Am/Asus2-Am D Asus2-Am
Asus2-Am Em/D A7 Am/Asus2-Am Em/D A7 Am

This turn of the Wheel, I found myself with you,
This pause in our lives we came together.
Time seems to have slipped, our years mis-synched a few,
But we ran back the Wheel -- now we'll run on forever.

When did we first turn and touch?  This life or the last?
When next will we love this much? What future what past?
Until then how to fill my hours without warm thoughts of you?
Holding tightly or letting go -- which kindest to do?

Next turn of the Wheel, I know that you'll be there.
That time will be ours to spend together.
'Til we find that place, I'll hold my bits of you,
Lock them in my mind, and guard the precious treasure.

You taught me to give myself wholly without fear,
You gave me your pleasure touch each time we were near,
You showed me your smiling face, you showed me your pain,
You came to me openly.  Please, love, come again.

This turn of the Wheel, I found myself with you.