Dan Sinclair and Family

This is my crazy brother, Danny, and his wife Deb.  The big guy to the right of Dan is my nephew, Christopher, and the big guy to the left his younger brother, Nicholas.  Both of these boys are 6'4"+ which is really odd because neither of their parents are all that tall.  Must be something in the water.... like nuclear isotopes, maybe.

Dan is one of the most kind-hearted smart alecks on the planet.  Don't get into a battle of one-liners with this guy.  I guarantee you'll lose.  He is the chief custodian for one of the Poway schools, which is great because Dan's really a big kid at the core.  And the older he gets, the more he looks and sounds just like our Dad.

His darling Debbie is a plucky gal... every inch a match for my brother.  Their house is always filled with kids and dogs.... BIG kids and BIG dogs (red Chows).

These are amazing people, good friends who just live too darned far away.


Dan & Deb Sinclair, and their sons Nicholas and Christopher