Ashley, Beth and Chuck...

Beth's best friend Ashly,
Beth and Chuck

Having a baby whilst chatting on the phone...
that's my girl!

Chuck... absolutely amazed.

Chuck getting a good look
at his boy.

Okay, Dad.... about those Braves...

Is that one amazed dad, or what?

The nurse who took care of Elliott
also had a son named Elliott
(now grown).

Notice the band on Chuck's wrist?  It's electronically tied to a band on Elliott's ankle.  Only he and Beth and the staff can take Elliott in the halls and elevators.  Anyone else tries it, and a screaming alarm goes off.  You've got to love technology!

The hard part is over and Beth only has eyes for her two guys!

Beth watching "the show"
The new family... everybody's smiling!

First hugs!


Think there are any three
 happier people on the planet?

Think again.