There's a strange phenomenon that occurs when kindred souls combine.  The instant we met Mike and Anne Whitaker, Bill and I knew that these folks, if not family by biology, where destined to become family by choice.  And then, the more we got to know them, the more we noticed how very much alike we were temperamentally.  Bill and Anne are very logical, left-brained, financially adept, perfectionists, rather leaning toward/over/on top of  the Type A personality line.  Whereas, Mike and I are more laid back, light-hearted, emotionally driven, intuitives with definite Type B- personality profiles.  All of us enjoy an eclectic love of music, beer, tea, fandom, filk, and travel.  

Mike and Anne Whitaker
Separated at Birth

We formed an odd insta/perma band called Separated at Birth based on a shared fantasy that Mike and I are brother and sister, Bill and Ann are as well.  Both sets of siblings were mixed up in hospital at birth, raised on opposite sides of the Atlantic pond, and eventually reunited at the Orlando Worldcon.  We make yearly pilgrimages to each other's homes, kick musical ass, and swap favorite items (tea, beer mats, Oreos, prawn chips, tennis shoes, instruments, children... one of these days, Anne's going to look left for a moment, and my nephew James will fit neatly into the overhead compartment of the airliner... )

The Separated at Birth Clan is growing, in a fun and confusing Family Tree/Bush/Vine/Weedish way, adding a new niece/son/cousin here and there.  It's fun and we have no intention of stopping.

Mike came for a visit November of 2002 and asked me to post these photos for the Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band's bassist, Mal.