WorlDream FilkContinental Quilt Border

WorlDream Quilt

The WorlDream Quilt project (another of Margaret's inspirations) allowed me the chance to add a border to the quilt for my good friends at Conthirteena.  And now, I've volunteered to coordinate another border in the same quilt for the folks at FilkContinental. This is a European filk convention that takes place in a castle in Germany, so I've taken the castle theme.  At least 4 intrepid fabric artists in Germany have agreed to participate and will send me 3 " squares of decorated fabric that I'll work into the "windows" of the castle motif.

a. Top left tower

b. Top wall of the castle

c. Top right castle and tower

Left side wall
(Not yet pictured)
Right side wall
(Not pictured)

Left side window
(Not yet pictured)

Center of the WorlDream Quilt with borders from other filk conventions

Right center window
(Not pictured)

Bottom left corner
(Not yet pictured)

d. Bottom drawbridge and bottom with "window" inset

Bottom center wall
(Not yet pictured)


Bottom right corner
(Not pictured)

Each square when finished is 5" x 5".  If you are participating in the FilkContinental Quilt Border, I can either send you a blank "window" inset like the one pictured above in the photo d, or you can decorate a 3" square that I can incorporate into a side wall or bottom wall of the castle.

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