Family Portrait, Christmas 2007
Brenda Sutton's Family
and those who were
Separated at Birth

Wherein Brenda brags on the most important people in her life, posts pictures,
and tries to keep the clan in touch with each other.

Bill Sutton - my husband — singer/songwriter, columnist, brewer, recording engineer, closet Welshman, and technical engineer for Hewlett Packard

Robert Sinclair Craven - April 19, 1977 — June 10, 1997

Kathrine Ann Craven Woityra — my oldest daughter is the manager of a Hollywood Video store, the perfect job for a woman who really loves movies. We were delighted to officiate at her commitment ceremony, uniting her in happiness with her life partner, Barbara Woityra, who can fix just about anything.

Merideth Noelle Craven Zobell — my middle daughter who graduated from Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah majoring in Education. She is married to Derrick Zobell, a very quiet computer wizard, and an absolutely amazing photographer.

Bethany Jean Craven Voyles — my youngest daughter who graduated from Emory University in Sociology and now works teaching special needs children in Dallas, Georgia. She is married to Brian Voyles, a manager with the Department of Family and Children's Services for the State of Georgia. Together they are raising my oldest grandson:

  • Elliott James Westbrook — born June 14, 2003 at 11:02 a.m. weighing 6 lb. 5 oz. and standing 19" long. Elliott is now four years old and in pre-kindergarten. He's a dedicated fan of The Justice League, Harry Potter, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves football, baseball, anything with wheels on it...and me! (Shhh...I'm his favorite granny. Dont' tell the others...)

Aaron Daniel Craven — my youngest son, married to Stepanie Reules Craven. Aaron is completing his Junior year at Kennesaw State University majoring in history. Stephanie is a talented costumer who works for several theaters. The entire family is into

Aaron and Stephanie are the proud parents of:
  • Jackson Craven — my youngest grandson, now a little over a year old. My, but he's tall, running like a champ, starting to talk (but lots of things are "cat") and has the biggest brown eyes ever.

Beverly Erbacher — my mom, Wonder Woman and travel agent specializing in group cruises who lives in Ramona, California.

Leonard Arthur Sinclair

— my dear ol' dad, retired Navy pilot who still enjoys flying. He's an avid hunter, horseman, square dancer, and the world's most diligent collector of ... everything. Marie Sinclair, my step mother passed away from events related to Alzheimers Disease in the winter of 2006.

Dan and Deb Sinclair — my crazy brother and sister-in-law living in a northern suburb of San Diego, California and my nephews Nicholas and Christopher.

Timothy Arlen Sinclair — my quiet brother, also living north ofSan Diego, father of my nephew Ryan (what a baseball player!) and my youngest niece, the adorable Josie. Tim works for a motivational company.

Debbie Staley — my long lost sister living around the North Beach area of Whidbey Island, Washington and my wonderful niece Nicole Stalcup.

Robert Sutton — my father-in-law, a retired fire chief of Danville, Indiana. He works as an engineering consultant, currently building the sea wall in south Florida. He snow-birds between Indiana and Tampa Bay/ St. Pete, but he does it backwards. (You're supposed to go TO Florida in the Winter, Dad.)

Louis & Lillian Lyon — - my husband's wonderful grandparents. Trains, Scrabble, Gilbert & Sullivan, jokes, laughs, and really living! Dear Grandpa died April 20, 2001 after spending 88 years as the happiest man on the planet, and we all miss him! There is a picture of the Lyon / Sutton / Padilla clan from MANY years.

Nancy Sutton Kaminski — my mother-in-law who died from a stroke and reumatoid arthritis on Super Bowl Sunday, 2001. (She never cared much for football.) She studied ancient languages and taught high school English in Danville, Indiana. She had a garrulous and infectious laugh.

Lou Kaminski - my step father-in-law, computer specialist and diligent video-taper of zillions of shows.

The Separated at Birth Clan

Have you ever bonded with someone and felt that the connection was as tight and lasting, maybe even more tight and everlasting, than a biological tie?  Well, that's how we've come to feel about some of the close friends we've made around the world.  Why bother with messy legal adoptions?  We've declared ourselves family of the heart and created our own familial trees (that sometimes starts sounding like the cast list of a strange soap opera.)

It all started with:

  • The WhitakersMike Whitaker — my twin brother who (according to the tale) was separated from me at birth and raised in outside London, England only to marry Anne who is Bill's twin (also separated at birth) and raised in England.  Mike and Anne are the proud parent's of my pseudo nerphew (and budding percussionist) James.
  • Mike's "other" son by a previous liaison (my nephew), Scott "The Bardic Lug" Snyder, his wife Amanda, their daughter Zoe and son L'il Billy Snyder, (named after my Bill and Scott's father).  Following closely on their heels came:
  • Tim Walker — my recently found son whom I forgot during a long bout of amnesia and reclaimed when he and his sweetie, Annie, made the trip across the pond from Gravesend, Kent, England to reside temporarily in our house and permanently in our hearts.  They provided me with my first pseudo grandchildren, Jared and Elly.  I rather love the relationship; I bring them toys from the States that they can't get in Britain and they call me Grandmama, draw me pictures, give me great hugs, and fill me in on all the family comings and goings from a unique and fanciful perspective.
  • The most recent addition to the family is my niece, Mich Sampson.  Bill and I know that we are her aunt and uncle, but we're unsure of the exact connection.  We think she is Anne's daughter from a ripple in the space/time continuum.