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October 6 - Where I've been and where I am now.  Brenda takes a day.
Saturday October 6, 2001

I learned some lessons about myself.  One is that there are elements of my life I just couldn't write about in so public an area as the web. Another was that life has a way of throwing up barriers that inhibit regular patterns like writing in my journal every day.  And finally, that once I fell behind, the thought of how much effort it would take to catch up was overwhelming.  So.... I'm starting over with a fresh perspective and less of a sense of guilt.  I'm going to contribute to this journal as important events happen, but I'm probably not going to even try to update it every day.  I know me too well.... it just won't happen.

So... the summer was busy with trips to Dallas to visit Grandma Lyon, with a couple of conventions for my work, and with the long-awaited 30th High School Reunion in Whidbey Island Washington (which was wonderful... more on that later).  Then there was the scrambling to send kids off to college.  They are all gone now.  And that's probably the biggest transition in my life right now.  Empty nesters now, that's us. With three of them in college at the same time, we're poor empty nesters, too. But that's okay.  I can't think of many better places to spend our money than educating the children.

It's not easy getting used to all this silence and space. The house is cleaner than it's ever been, and the utility bills are low.... real low. So strange.  I've reclaimed the space that served as the girls' bedroom to use as my sewing space.  With my next portion of the WorlDream Quilt coming due soon, I'm spending part of every day in there stitching castle squares.  I should soon be receiving some "windows" of fabric from my buddies in Germany, and can start fitting in the blank spots.  According to Margaret Middleton, the quilt coordinator, the overall size of this quilt when it is finished will be around 91" x 98".  HUGE!  And mine is the next to last border with around 68 five-inch squares.  IMMENSE!

Three Weird Sisters and Oak Spring are taking up most of my free time. The Sisters are guests of honor at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest in Columbus the end of this month... the Sisters are. Bill's coming along for the ride and to work sound and sell CDs.  Oh, yeah... the CD is out!  And doing very well too, thanks to Bill's efforts with Bedlam House.  He's shipped out over 500 already.  In the meantime, we've been boosting our practices to twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Trying like crazy to get off book.  Teresa's in charge of our T-shirt project (the three hats and the triscle logo).  We're playing gigs at Earth Day next Saturday (while Bill's off in Lithuania, of all places) and OVFF, but mostly it been lots and lots of practice sessions.

I've been going full tilt for so long that all systems just gave out today. Too much slogging in the mud and the rain, chopping trees, laying mulch, getting mud under the fingernails.  I finally put a load of wash in the machine, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a manuscript to critique and fell asleep.  The notes are done, but I missed the Writer's meeting.  I'll send my comments in the mail if they're still needed.  Now it's off to Western Union to wire Meri money for books (good investment) and I'm off to a Pampered Chef party.  I love to cook (ask anyone... look at my waistline...) and just had one of these fun events at my house a couple of weeks ago.  But I got invited to another one, and I'm going to go have a good time.

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